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Consulting Package

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Helping You Create Content That Converts!

To have a successful content strategy and create results, it must first uncover the uniqueness of your brand before designing solutions to solve the problems of your target audiences.

Your brand identity must be in line with how you help your audiences if you must create remarkable brand awareness for your brand.


That is why at Digital Brand Culture, we will first understand your brand message (or help you create one), your brand identity (or help you discover what it is), and your target audience. We then use this information to design a laser-focused content marketing strategy that converts and produces results with minimal efforts and advertising budget.

With a critical analysis of your competitors, and content strategy carefully and explicitly designed for your customers, you will be outsmarting every other person in your industry. You'll reach your customers exactly where they are, presenting to them exactly what they want.

I help entrepreneurs get clear on their brand, create a plan, and help them achieve their goals. 

I work with...

Coaches / Real Estate Agents /  Fitness Trainers / Membership Sites /  Fashion  Designers / Non-Profits / Creatives / E-Commerce Brands

"I've been following Digital Brand Culture's strategies plan for a month now and must say that t has helped me as an entrepreneur tremendously.

Following these guidelines helped me understand why what was dong before did not help me reach my target audience or grow my business.

I've since been able to strategically plan out my posts, create eye-catching emails for my subscribers, and get ready to produce video marketing.

This strategy plan helped me to be intentional about what I post on all of my social media platforms! Learned that visuals are nice, but it would only get you likes if you don't have a CTA (call to action) for your posts.  I believe this plan will be a great asset to every entrepreneur!"

Ashley Southall, CEO of The Ashley E Brand

Book your clarity call now and experience tremendous growth in your business, just like how I helped Ashley Southall, CEO of The Ashley E Brand.

What's in our Content Strategy Consulting Package?

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I'll take your business from wherever it is now to a place where you'll begin to earn 10X what you're earning presently, continuously while you do lesser work. Everything will be automated. I'll do this by analyzing and fixing three problems you've been neglecting. These problems are the reasons why every growth strategy you try to implement doesn't work. Until you fix all these problems, your business will keep struggling.

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Customized Content Strategy

What strategy have you been using? What parameters did you use to design it? I'll help you set up a winning and profitable strategy that'll synchronize with your brand by setting up:

  • Strategy Plan

  • One Month Content Calendar


The impression people have about your brand is essential. From the kind of content, you put out to the platforms, to your logo and colors. I'll help you address all these so that your audience will have a clear and concise message about your brand. I'll do these by improving your:

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Pillars

  • Target Audience Research

  • Offers/Packaging Recommendations

  • Brand Collateral

  • Social media designs, and Promo Templates.


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This is where most marketers focus on most, yet it is where they fail the most. Most business owners make unnecessary noise thinking they're marketing. To run a successful marketing campaign, I'll help you tick all and more of the boxes below:

  • Lead Magnet/Freebie Creation

  • Landing Page Creation

  • Follow-up Guide 


You can't go wrong with Digital Brand Culture.

The Content Strategy Consulting Package is an investment of $3000.

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Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss this!

Here is what some of my past clients are saying.

"I'm so glad that I connected with Digital Brand Culture. During our very first meeting, we got right to business. I've had others promise to do things and push me to the back burner. Regis knew of my pain points and made sure to get things done. 


She's done so much more in the first month of working together than others have done in a whole year. Since working with Digital Brand Culture, I've gotten clarity on my brand's message, relaunched my website, and have gained more social media attention and engagement.


I love how Regis was able to see my vision for BizzieKid and push it even further. She's definitely keeping me on my toes with her brand and content strategies. However, I have no doubt that I won't surpass my goals with Regis' guidance. I never thought I'd get this far with my brand, but now I see it going even further thanks to Digital Brand Culture."

Shaquandra Barrett, Owner of BizzieKid


"Digital Brand Culture is the BEST ever! I felt at ease from the very beginning as they were very knowledgeable in helping me grow my own personal brand. I feel without them I wouldn’t have the understanding I have now about the importance of social media platforms and how to use them correctly for my business. If you are looking for someone who will take your own personal goals and turn them into realities DBC is the ONE !!"

Danielle Jones, Owner of Love Jones Fit

I've helped a lot of people. Yours won't be an exception.

In four weeks, you and I will be on a journey to bring your brand out of the dark. We will shine a light on your brand.

In the two sessions that'll run for four weeks,

  •  I'll help you to plan design a perfect lead magnet for your products. A lead magnet that'll lure your customers into your funnels.

  • I'll also help you design a strategy plan and content calendar that you can use to create fantastic content for your audience.

  • We shall go over the best way to leverage social media for optimum conversion. Before the end of the four weeks, you'll gain more brand awareness and social media engagement and growth.

You'll also get a

  • Content Strategy Workbook. This will make content creation easier and faster.

  • Instagram 101, which will guide you on how to create Instagram content.


And many more. All these will be done via phone sessions and several email conversations.

There'll also be a 30 mins post-check-in session in the last few days where I'll address every question that needs to be answered on the phone.


This will be the best investment you'll make on your brand.