The Importance of Social Media Marketing During the COVID19 Pandemic

The importance of social media marketing for online businesses and personal brands has always been high, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it's even more crucial now than ever before.

With social distancing keeping customers at home, that means they're spending less time in your physical storefronts or registering for in-person workshops. Instead, they're spending more of their time online.

According to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), traffic to his site has more than doubled since the pandemic started. Facebook isn't the only social media platform that's seen an uptick in traffic either. Instagramers saw a 22% increase in campaign impressions, and even Reddit reported a 20-50% increase in subreddits.

Without a solid social media marketing strategy, your business or personal brand is seriously missing out on a prime opportunity to reach your potential customers. Keep reading to learn 3 benefits of social media marketing and how to make the most out of the increased traffic brought on by COVID-19.

3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The following benefits of social media marketing won't just disappear when things return to normal — or at least as normal as they ever will be. Developing and implementing a solid strategy will have your brand reaping these 3 benefits for many years to come.

Benefit#1: Increase Awareness of Your Brand

Landing new customers is impossible if no one ever hears about your business — which is where social media marketing comes in. Increasing awareness about your brand is easier to do when you can reach potential customers where they like to hang out online.

The key is not to attempt to post on every single social media site out there all at once. Doing so results in a poorly executed strategy that does little to attract new leads — or increase your revenue.

Pick the social media sites your potential customers are most likely to hang out, and that line up with your products and services. If your business is B2B (business to business), LinkedIn would be a great place to start. For B2C (business to consumer), Facebook is almost always a safe bet.

Benefit #2: Get More Website Traffic

The goal of any well-thought-out social media marketing strategy is to increase traffic to your website and convert them into leads. Once someone is made aware that your brand exists on social media — and they've started following you — you can filter out the potential customers from the mix and nurture leads with your posts.

Leverage your website to its full potential by frequently posting on a blog. Creating value-packed content that positions your brand as the experienced guide who can help their customer achieve a goal or solve a problem is what converts visitors into leads — and eventually paying customers.

Share the latest blog articles you publish on your social media pages with a few sentences that entice the ideal reader to click and visit your website to read the article. Make sure to include the next step you want the reader to take — which is called the CTA (call to action) — throughout the article where it makes sense, and at the end.

Benefit #3: Enhance Brand Loyalty

By posting value-packed content that your potential customers find informative and helpful, you'll position yourself as their guide and earn their trust. The more content each lead consumes that provides them with value, the more loyal they become to your brand, and the more likely they'll become paying customers.

In fact, Marcus Sheridan discovered this little tidbit first-hand when analyzing data gleaned from his website, and he wrote about it in his book: "They Ask, You Answer." In the book, he reports that potential customers who read at least 30 pages of content on his website converted into paying customers 80% of the time.

Get Help With Your Social Media Marketing

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