With the Content Marketing Success Bundle, you'll never have the problem with creating content, or getting leads again. This 27-page bundle will help you develop a content strategy catered to your brand, as well as provide assistance with creating the perfect lead magnet and landing page to attract your potential customers. 


Here is more information about what's included in this bundle: 


1) Content Strategy Workbook ($497 value) 

Having a content strategy is the first step to creating content for social media. Without content, your target audience won't know who you are, what problems you are trying to fix for potential clients, or the services or products that you offer.


The Content Strategy Workbook will help you:

Identify your brand's core values,

Identify your content pillars,

Plan our your content,

Set goals, and

Provides recommendations on other types of content that you can create. 



2) Lead Magnet Guide ($397 value) 

Social media is the first step to building a following of potential clients. What's needed next is a lead magnet, also known as a valuable gift that you will give your potential clients in exchange for their email list. 


Our lead magnet guide provides information on how to create your gift by defining your target audience, identifying your value proposition, and choosing the type of lead magnet you will offer. 



3) Leading Page Essentials ($297 value) 

 The final step is the landing page, which is the form that a visitor fills out to access the gift. Its only purpose is to explain the benefits of a given offer and encourage visitors to convert into leads. Yet there's the right way to creating a landing page, and that's by using our guide. 







+Note: Bundle is completely DIGITAL, and everything will be accessible via email.